Holistic Approach of Dental Donvale Clinic Can Change Your Life

One dentist’s clinic is much like the other and methods of treatment appear to be the same. This is not surprising. After all, dentists undergo the same training and are taught to operate according to standard procedures. However, there is an emerging class of holistic Dental Donvale clinics that take a slightly tangential view of dental treatments. Opt for such holistic dental care and it could change your life.

Departures from well traveled road
Holistic dentists take a different stand about dental treatments and their way of treatments can have a positive impact on safeguarding or improving health.
• For instance, it is standard procedure to offer amalgam filling. Amalgam has a high amount of mercury that is toxic to human health and to the environment in general. Mercury’s adverse effects, among others, have a deep impact on your brain and CNS. You may expect amalgam-free fillings.
• Another way in which holistic Dental Donvale clinics differ is that they may adopt a different procedure of treating root decay with ozone rather than with a root canal treatment. In the event a root canal is unavoidable then the filling material used is BPA-free and safe.
• Fluoride is another widely used chemical believed to offer better protection to the tooth and tooth enamel but holistic dentists believe otherwise.
• The greatest difference is in the approach. Traditional method of treatment is reactive. Holistic dentists at Dental Donvale believe in addressing deeper underlying causes that led to the situation and in remedying physical, biological and thought based issues as a way to restore good health in the body and mind and consequently in the teeth.

Life style changing counseling
Go to a dentist for teeth whitening. He will carry out the job and that is that. Holistic dentists at dental Donvale clinic will look deeper and wider. They will analyze as to what led to teeth becoming discolored in the first place and identify that your eating habits or lifestyle habits are responsible. You receive counseling on changing these and the result is not just better looking teeth but systemic health improvement. Such guidance, if implemented by you, also preserves teeth and sustains gum health. You are less likely to experience gum or tooth infections and may not require something as drastic as extraction or root canal. Better guidance on foods to eat, lifestyle and oral healthcare will lead to improved physical health that you can feel in the form of more energy and alertness. Your way of thinking and approach to life changes too. You become more aware about your mental and physical health and learn ways to live a holistic life. This rubs off on your family in a domino effect.

Do they cost more? The answer is that holistic dentistry at dental Donvale clinic does not cost much more than traditional dentistry except where fillings or veneers are used that are more expensive. That is a small price to pay for the greatly improved life you experience.

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